Lykos is India’s first online refined metal platform, a brand new venture that promises to revolutionize the way metal is bought and sold, both in India and abroad. We provide a one-stop experience where buyers, whether small or big, can browse and choose from our range of metal offerings, all available at a transparent price. No more haggling, running between dealers, or being forced to buy in bulk. We use our expertise and experience to cut through the inefficiencies of the metals market, and we’ll make sure your order is ready at just the time your business needs it.

Our Business

Lykos was conceived as a solution to the massive operational inefficiencies in the metal market


We want to help growing enterprises find the best quality product they can. No more bulk orders and storage headaches. Buy what you need.


We leverage our expertise in global trading and risk management to offer your business the most competitive rates you will find.


By cutting your transport and warehousing expenditures, we lower your transactions costs and generate higher margins.


By providing just in time inventory we minimize your need for working capital, thereby maximizing your profit.


We deliver our complete suite of products and optionality even for smaller denominations which otherwise are only available for bulk purchases in the market.

How We Create Value

What will Lykos do for your business?

Businesses that need metal inputs in smaller lot sizes currently face three major problems


This is a complicated market, and that means buyers suffer. Businesses need to manage their working capital, yet uncertainty in the procurement of metals means the typical business needs to stockpile inventory to ensure continuing production.

  • One Stop Buying
  • Guaranteed delivery for all orders ex warehouse
  • Lot sizes ranging from 1 to 24 tons
  • Transparent and dynamic pricing: All metal prices are index-linked

How Does Trafigura play a part?

  • Lykos is owned by Trafigura, one of the world’s leading commodity trading houses, and continues the Trafigura mission of bridging the gap between producers and end-users with excellent service. We leverage our global expertise to solve your greatest logistical difficulties, guaranteeing delivery at the agreed date at the warehouse closest to your business.
  • Through Trafigura, Lykos has the financial strength to buy in bulk and store for as long as needed. We pass the price-saving onto you.
  • The Trafigura ethos is to engage and adapt. We listen closely to our customers to match their requirements more precisely.

Our Focus, Commitment and Global Resources

  • Our single-minded focus on physical trade delivers increased value for our customers
  • We’re constantly refining our structure and processes
  • We invest in assets that can extend our trading capabilities
  • We constantly develop our trading expertise and market awareness

  • Our managers are significant stakeholders in the business. That makes it personal
  • We’re here for the long-term. We invest heavily in infrastructure and logistics to make trading more efficient
  • We engage and adapt. We’re constantly looking to improve our services in response to changing circumstances


We create better opportunities for trade through:

  • Our extensive global network
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure and logistics
  • Advanced IT systems
  • World-class risk management